Making the Four Day Week work for your organisation – a CEO’s perspective (Part 2)

What would you do if your boss suggested that you cut your working hours down to just four normal length days but said to you, I’ll still pay you for five? Would you pinch yourself to check you weren’t dreaming? Well this is what happened last April at Inventium. Our CEO, Michelle Le Poidevin, suggested to the team that we should try out the Four Day week. This lead to us running a six-month experiment where the team all worked four days per week and had Friday off. As a participant in this experiment, I can tell you it was bloody awesome. And today, we are going to learn exactly why Mish even suggested this idea and how she manages to be a CEO in just four normal length working days a week.

Now you might have heard my chat with Inventium’s Head of Learning, Charlotte Rush, last week where we got into the nitty gritty details of how our four day week experiment worked, what we measured and we also addressed what some of the skeptics might be thinking. So go back and listen to that show if you’re keen to go deep into the four day week concept.

In my chat with Mish today, we talk about how on earth do you lead a business where people only work four days but we pay them for five, how we balance the need to collaborate with also working super efficiently, and what the biggest challenges have been in making the four day week work.

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