Making the Four Day Week work for your organisation (Part 1)

Imagine it’s 6am on a Friday morning. You wake up, about to get ready for work, but then you remember – you don’t have to go to work. Instead, you have a blissful three day weekend ahead. Now imagine that you get to experience this feeling every single Friday morning. Yet, you’re still on a full-time salary.

This is what life is now like at my consultancy Inventium. Back in July last year, we ran an experiment to see if we could improve our productivity and fit our work into four normal, eight-hour days – yet still get paid for five. Seven months on, the experiment has been a huge success. And on today’s episode, and also on next Thursday’s episode, I’m unpacking how on earth we have managed to make this work.

On today’s show, I speak to Inventium’s Head of Learning and Organisational Psychologist Charlotte Rush. Char lead Inventium’s approach to implementing the four day work week. Inventium is definitely not the first company to do this, and we are still one of only a handful globally. So how did this idea for having a four day week even come up? How did we make it happen? And how did Char manage to fit all her work into just four days? We cover all these questions and more. And on next week’s show, I’ll be speaking to Inventium’s CEO to uncover how you run a business when staff only work four standard days yet we pay them for five.

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