Time Wise

Harness the powerful habits and productivity secrets of the world’s most successful people

Dominate your day and level up your life, using the secrets and habits of highly effective people. A practical guide from the behavioural scientist behind the #1 ranking Australian business podcast How I Work.

Learn how to become time wise using the hacks that high achievers rely on to accomplish more than the average person – so you can do your best work and have fun while doing it.

Organisational psychologist Dr Amantha Imber has interviewed more than 100 bestselling authors, musicians, entertainers, entrepreneurs and business leaders for her podcast, How I Work, to get inside their heads and understand the routines and rituals that enable them to achieve their purpose.

Three years and over three million podcast downloads later, she has uncovered a wealth of proven strategies that anyone can adopt to improve their productivity, work and lifestyle – whether they are a CEO, working parent, small business owner or university student.

In this clear and value-packed book, Amantha brings together all the gems she’s learned from her conversations with guests including Adam Grant, Dan Pink, Cal Newport, Mia Freedman, Turia Pitt, BJ Fogg, Sandra Sully, Kochie, Gary Mehigan and Gretchen Rubin, to name just a few.

Covering energy, structure, decision-making, self-talk, digital distractions and more, Amantha’s practical and research-backed guide will allow you to shortcut your way to achieving more in less time, with less stress and greater joy.

What People are Saying

If you’ve ever wished you had enough hours in the day to study how to use yours better, Amantha Imber has done it for you. She has a knack for extracting useful insights from productive people and rigorous research, and her practical, charming book will save you more time than it takes to read.

Adam GrantNew York Times bestselling author of Think Again and host of the TED podcast WorkLife

Lots of people talk about spending time wisely, but Amantha Imber is my favourite: More to the point, more real and a lot more fun. Read this book!

Jake Knappbestselling author of Sprint and Make Time

Time Wise is a must-read for anyone who feels like there are not enough hours in the day. This book will transform how you approach your workday.

Greg McKeownNew York Times bestselling author of Effortless and Essentialism

Time Wise is bursting with actionable ideas on how to use your time better. If you want to make the time you spend at work more productive, focused and fruitful, Time Wise is a must-read.

Nir Eyalauthor of Indistractable

This is like being invited into the equivalent of a Marvel Avengers “Super-powers Hack” class – lots of fantastic (and oftentimes quirky) tips on ensuring you control your life (vs life controlling you) on your terms, in your way and with a ripple effect on work, play and relationships. Time Wise is time well spent.

Nicole SparshottCEO Unilever Australia and New Zealand

If you value your time, then use it wisely by reading this book. I guarantee it will be time well spent.

Tim Kendallformer President of Pinterest

Time is one of our most precious resources. I challenge you to read this book and NOT find practical and useful ways to use yours more wisely.

Daniel H. PinkNew York Times bestselling author of When, Drive and To Sell Is Human

Amantha’s laser-like focus on productivity is such a helpful tool.

Mia Freedmanco-founder, Mamamia Media Company

Amantha’s expertise and wide range of knowledge she has gathered through her podcast comes to life on these pages. Time Wise is full of practical and easy-to-apply tips and tricks from industry leaders that can be applied to any individual trying to live a more productive, happier life as a parent, worker or manager – or all three.

Laura Mae MartinExecutive Productivity Advisor, Google