The Innovation Formula


The Innovation Formula is the first book worldwide to actually focus on the science of how to create a culture of innovation. You will learn: 

  • The latest cutting edge science about what really creates an innovation culture
  • How some of-of the world’s most innovative companies are driving innovation
  • Practical and easy to implement strategies that will instantly improve innovation within your organisation
  • Your own Innovation Audit to see how your company currently performs.

In The Innovation Formula, best-selling author and innovation psychologist Dr Amantha Imber provides intelligent science-based strategies to create a culture where innovation thrives at an individual, team, leadership and organisation level.

Through 14 interconnected strategies, Dr Imber reveals the research behind each strategy, shows how any organisation can implement them effectively, and includes examples from leading companies putting these plans into action. Working with a multinational roster of forward-thinking companies—such as Google, Disney, LEGO and Virgin – Dr Imber provides a research-driven guide to improving innovation at all levels, and shows readers how to:

  • Make companies a safe place to fall to encourage greater innovation
  • Understand the science behind a successful innovative culture shift
  • Put in place the key elements that foster organisation-wide creativity
  • Implement proven strategies that are based on evidence, not feelings
  • Create cultural change by rewarding innovation, whether or not it succeeds

The Innovation Formula provides readers with a practical framework to create an organisation that succeeds by driving growth and maintaining relevance through innovation.