Win friends and stop trying to be an influencer with Meshel Laurie

What if you’re sabotaging yourself without even realising it?

You know that feeling, when you’ve got the skills, the reputation and the experience, but you just can’t land that top job?

Just three letters could be standing in your way.

According to comedian, writer, podcast and radio host, and self-described “probably pretty bad” Buddhist Meshel Laurie, it’s time to say “YES.” You ARE interviewing, you ARE looking at new people, and you ARE taking applications for new friends and new opportunities

Meshel shares why now is the best time to take the plunge on that next big challenge, whether it be starting your own business, making new friends or implementing that elusive meditation habit.

With a decades-long career in hosting radio, and now as a celebrated author, co-host of multiple popular podcasts, and a parent of twins, Meshel is no stranger to pressure. So when she tells you it’s ok to be kinder to yourself, she’s the one to listen to.

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Host: Amantha Imber

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