Why Booktopia’s CEO Tony Nash is excited when people resign

If you left your job, could your company go on without you?

Booktopia’s CEO Tony Nash believes a company should be more robust than the people working for it. When someone walks into his office to resign, they don’t get the reaction they expect.  Instead of alarm, Tony feels excitement when someone decides it’s time to move on.

Before starting Booktopia in 2004, Tony ran his own online recruitment company, Best People International, and still enjoys the process of recruitment, even from the top.

Despite running Australia’s largest online bookstore, Tony’s a confessed non-reader. He’s only recently been diagnosed with ADHD,  which explains why he prefers audio books. It’s also made clear for him why his relationship with his executive assistant is so important – she keeps him organised and on track.

Connect with Tony – www.booktopia.com.au


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