What comedian and podcast host Ryan Shelton learned after ditching his smartphone

Smartphones are so ubiquitous today that living without one sounds like something only monks and mountain hermits would be able to do. While many of us crave an extended break from our addictive little pocket-computers, it’s hard to imagine actually making it work. So how did Ryan Shelton pull it off? 

The comedian, actor and co-host of The Imperfects podcast felt like his phone was beginning to control him, instead of the other way around. He’d tried to reduce his screen time in the past, but couldn’t make it stick. So he went nuclear and traded in his beloved iPhone for an old-school flip-phone. 

As a born entertainer and the host of a podcast all about vulnerability, Ryan’s been more and more focused on human connection in recent years, and his flip-phone experiment was just one part of that. 

Ryan shares what did and didn’t work when he switched to the ‘dumb phone’, and breaks down what he’s learned about himself and his mind since starting The Imperfects. He also shares his favourite productivity tools and explains his preferred method for capturing and filing his ideas.   

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