Trust, leadership and taking a break from technology with Frances Frei and Anne Morriss

We’re often told not to take advice blindly, and this is especially true for productivity advice. The rise-and-grind schedule might work for a Lark, but it’s a recipe for a disaster if you’re a Night Owl. Sourcing ideas from people you admire is a great start, but you need to run your own experiments to figure out which ideas actually work for you. That is, unless your partner is a chronic experimenter!

Frances Frei, a professor at Harvard Business School, doesn’t run experiments because she doesn’t need to. Her wife, Anne Morriss, runs them herself, and shares the best practices and ideas with Frances.

As well as being Frances’ wife and most valuable productivity resource, Anne is a leadership couch and the Executive Founder of The Leadership Consortium.

Frances and Anne share their favourite tools for staying focused, productive and present, including their yearly “visioning” process, their methods for building trust, and the best career advice they;ve ever received.

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