This CEO became fitter than ever with 5-minute workouts – here’s how

If you’re anything like me or the guests on How I Work, you want to optimise absolutely everything. But when you’re after the best, sometimes ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough. So what do you do when you know exactly how to optimise something, but the right tool doesn’t exist yet? 

If you’re Ulrich Dempfle, you build that tool yourself!

After learning about REHIT, a very short but very intense exercise protocol with astounding fitness outcomes, Ulrich knew he wanted to give it a go. But doing REHIT correctly can be difficult and even dangerous outside of a lab environment because it requires true maximum effort – the kind of effort that could throw you off a treadmill! 

So after trying to imitate the practice on a regular exercise bike and getting nowhere, Ulrich decided to… yes, start his own company and create an AI-powered exercise bike specifically for REHIT workouts. 

Ulrich explains exactly what REHIT is, why it’s so effective, and how the CAROL Bike makes it accessible. Unsurprisingly, Ulrich’s also a biohacker, and he shares some of his favourite tools for measuring and managing his health and fitness. 

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Check out the mobility moves here.