Theatre star Elise McCann on auditioning, time management and founding a tech company

Not long ago, Australian theatre star Elise McCann was struggling. Like everyone else in the entertainment industry, her work ground to a screeching halt early in the pandemic, and she turned to mindfulness and meditation for help. But unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy.

Elise’s good friend and fellow actor Lucy Durack was struggling, too. In fact, she felt like she couldn’t even get meditation right: she was listening to guided meditations while changing her baby’s nappies in an effort to fit the practice into her day-to-day.

Disenfranchised, the pair relied on one another for pep talks during lockdowns, and realised: they couldn’t be the only ones feeling like meditation wasn’t meant for them. So, they decided to share their pep talks with the world, and Hey Lemonade was born. 

But in order to take their new well-being app to market, they needed help – and how do two seasoned actors prepare for a meeting with one of Australia’s biggest names in business? By writing a script, naturally!

Elise shares how she scripted her entire pitch meeting for Hey Lemonade, and breaks down the time management system that allows her to perform, produce and run a company all at once. 

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