The art of the pitch with media executive Chris Oliver-Taylor

Even after a long day at work, or at the end of a tough week, when you pop the TV on and hear that familiar “BA-DUNK” as the big red N flashes onto your screen… do you feel a little guilty? 

Even when I know I don’t need to be working, it’s hard to shake the feeling that TV somehow isn’t as ‘worthwhile’ as other activities – like reading, for example. But Fremantle Asia Pacific CEO Christ Oliver-Taylor disagrees. It’s the age of prestige TV, and the format has been elevated to an art form. 

But what do you watch when watching TV is your job? How do you switch off the analytical side of your brain and just tune out to WandaVision with your daughter? 

And how do you decide what to watch when you kind of need to watch everything? 

Chris shares how he chooses what to watch, and how he designs the rest of his schedule. He teaches you how to categorise meetings, how to network effectively, and why you should wear a suit.  

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