thankyou co-founder Daniel Flynn on big ideas, mentorship and purpose-driven culture

You’ve got big ideas… Big dreams for your company… Maybe even for the world! But how do you keep those big dreams and ideas alive on a day-to-day basis?

Daniel Flynn knows a thing or two about keeping big ideas alive. He founded thankyou with hopes of ending poverty, and they’re still making moves on this front, more than a decade on. And Daniel says the key is to make time and space for big-picture thinking, even when it feels like your workload wants you to do otherwise.

Daniel sets aside one day a week for what he calls “blue-sky thinking”, and he protects it like nothing else. No emails, no texts, no slack messages; nothing but his imagination.

He also shares what he’s learned from his most influential mentors over the years, and how thankyou adapted its famously social work culture after the company went fully remote.

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