Ten surprising ways to make lockdown suck a little bit less, with Atlassian’s Dom Price

Last week marked a very special kind of anniversary for me: being a Melbournian, I have now clocked up over 200 days in lockdown. For most of those 200 days, I feel like I’ve coped pretty well.
But last week, it really felt like a lot. I just didn’t feel like myself and people close to me were struggling too. And I was just sick of hearing the same old advice for how to cope. So I reached out to someone I knew would be thinking differently – Dom Price, head of R&D and resident Work Futurist at Atlassian.
So if you’re struggling with lockdown, or maybe just everything that is going on in the world right now, I hope that you’ll be able to take at least one thing out of this chat to help make things a tiny bit better right now.
  1. Find a buddy for News Duty
  2. Do a Ritual Reset (and check out Atlassian’s Team Central for doing Status Updates asynchronously)
  3. Treat Day (and check out The Power of Moments)
  4. Plan an act of service
  5. Conduct Atlassian’s Work-Life Impact exercise
  6. Nudge yourself towards better behaviours
  7. Design your week
  8. Five-minute social media timer
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