Sandra Sully on being an efficiency nerd, her cure for insomnia, and the hardest thing about reading the news

My guest today is Sandra Sully. Sandra is one of the most recognised and respected faces on Australian television. A journalist, senior editor and presenter with Ten Eyewitness News First at Five, she has been part of the TEN News team since 1990. Since 2018, she has also been the Managing News editor at ten daily. And she recently launched a podcast called Short Black through Network Ten, where she chats to various women who have something interesting to say.

We cover:
  • How Sandra manages her calendar and why she puts exercise time in her diary
  • How Sandra decides what to say yes to and what to say no to
  • Sandra’s strategy for saying “no” politely
  • Sandra’s approach to social media, and which channels she finds the most useful
  • How Sandra gets across the news in the morning
  • Sandra’s cure for insomnia and winding down from the rush of reading the late news
  • The hardest part about reading the news
  • Why Sandra watches most of her news reading “performances” back
  • Why being as inoffensive as possible is critical when it comes to visual appearance on television
  • How Sandra manages criticism on social media
  • Sandra’s approach to preparing for interviews
  • How Sandra builds rapport quickly with her interview subjects

Find Sandra on Twitter and check out her podcast Short Black.