Respecting your craft and your audience with kids comedy duo The Listies

Imagine trying to hold the attention of a child for a full, uninterrupted hour. Now imagine trying to hold the attention of a whole theatre full of them!

If it seems impossible, comedy duo Richard Higgins and Matt Kelly (AKA The Listies) have proven the opposite. And they’ve managed to do it while keeping adults equally entertained.

Rich and Matt share their process for bringing a full show to life, from inception to performance, as well as their philosophy for making art for kids.

They also recount the most valuable lessons they learned in their previous gigs in surrealist theatre, and give their top tips for maintaining a healthy and productive partnership as co-creators, co-performers, and co-owners of a business.

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Produced by Inventium

Host: Amantha Imber

Production Support from Deadset Studios

Episode Producer: Liam Riordan

Sound Engineer: Martin Imber