Founder Job van der Voort on the ultimate home office set up

Even before we fled our workplaces amid the Covid pandemic to set up at home, Job van der Voort was convinced that remote working was the future.

He’s the CEO of Remote (and the former VP of Product for GitLab), which assists other companies to set their employees up, which he says allows them to live a better life.

But it’s not as easy as just letting some of your employees work from home. Job says the key to running a remote team is to intentionally create moments for connection and bonding.

Remote’s philosophy is the easier it is to start doing work, the easier it is to do your work. Home offices should be built for comfort, efficiency, and reliability. “The better your set-up is around these kinds of things, the more data you can transmit between each other.”

Job’s office set up:

For a detailed look at his office:

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