Radio legend Christian O’Connell on coping strategies that beat red wine

It’s 4:27AM. That’s right. Not 4:25, not 4:30, but exactly 4:27. When you’re a veteran breakfast radio host like Christian O’Connell, you calculate your latest possible wakeup time to the second. 

Once he’s out the door, it’s a 20 to 30-minute commute, but it’s one he really enjoys. It’s the only time in a pretty hectic workday he has completely to himself. After that, it’s 15 minutes of solitude and total silence in the studio so Christian can focus on the one word that’s going to guide this morning’s show – it could be “gratitude”, it could be “openness”, or it could just be “funny.”

Christian has a huge range of tools, tactics and routines in place to make the most of his work days, and they’re based on years of experience, hard work… and hard times. 

He shares how he’s built those routines, and how he uses other tools like breath work and therapy to overcome his darkest hours.


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