Parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson says there’s more to life than “reaching our potential”

What do you actually want from life?

It seems like a pretty simple question, but if it’s not properly understood, it could lead you and your family down a very complicated path. When parenting expert Justin Coulson asks this question of clients, readers and audiences, he’s always met with the same response.

First, he gets blank faces – most of the time, we’re too busy trying to keep the household afloat to sit and ponder our ideals. But when Justin frames the question around parenting specifically, he’s usually met with the same answer: everyone wants their kids to fulfil their potential.

Sounds nice, right? Sure, but… Have YOU reached your potential?

Justin’s follow-up question is one of many ways he encourages us to think more deeply about what it means to be a parent, a professional, and a person. He knows the value of this kind of thinking because it was a key part of his decision to leave behind a successful career in radio to pursue higher education and an entirely new field.

Justin shares how he applies his expertise to all different formats, including the new season of his successful Channel 9 show, Parental Guidance. 

Connect with Justin on the Happy Families website or listen to his and his wife’s parenting podcast 


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