Nir Eyal’s Secret: Trading Overwhelm for Clarity

Struggling with the endless cycle of distractions? You’re not alone. On this episode of How I Work, I sit down with the wizard of focus, Nir Eyal, who’s literally written the book on becoming indistractable.

Nir’s sharing some top-tier life hacks that go beyond typical self-help fluff. Think about turning every decision into a personal experiment, having actual uninterrupted time with your family, and even carving out sacred moments for your own personal goals.

So, whether it’s creating your own community ‘kibbutz’ (yep, it’s a thing) or reshuffling your day to make room for what really counts, we’re diving into it all. And trust me, your to-do list is going to have some serious FOMO once you get time-boxing down to an art.

Ready to shake up your life? Tune in, take notes, and get ready to say bye-bye to being pulled in a million directions.

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