Nir Eyal on how to become indistractable.

My guest today is Nir Eyal. Nir is an international bestselling author, former Stanford lecturer, successful tech investor, and behavioral design expert. Five years ago, Nir wrote what is widely considered to be Silicon Valley’s handbook for making technology habit-forming – a book called Hooked. This week, his latest book Indistractible is coming out, which reveals the hidden psychology driving us to distraction. He describes why solving the problem is not as simple as swearing off our devices. Nir claims that abstinence is impractical and often makes us want more.

I was lucky enough to read an advance copy of Indistractable, which I devoured in one sitting. It is such a great book and such a fresh and unique take on the productivity genre. And so as you can imagine, I was very excited to chat to Nir about the ideas in the book and how he has applied them in his own life. If you are finding yourself constantly distracted by digital, and even non-digital distractions throughout your day, then I am sure you will learn some really great strategies to help become indistractable in this chat.

We cover:
  • Nir’s four step model to becoming indistractable
  • What he found hardest about changing his own relationship with distractions
  • Identifying the root cause of distraction
  • The best way to make boring tasks more engaging
  • What Nir’s calendar looks like and why he schedules literally everything
  • Nir’s approach to scheduling time with friends and family
  • How Nir has helped his daughter develop a healthy relationship with technology
  • Nir’s favourite apps that help him stay focused
  • And much, much more.

Check out Nir’s book Indistractable.

Find the schedule maker tool Nir mentioned here and distraction guide here

And download the Indistractable Model graphic