Naomi Simson on why she unpublished 500 of her blog posts

My guest today is Naomi Simson. Naomi is one of Australia’s most well known entrepreneurs. She is the founder of RedBalloon and co-founder of the Big Red Group, which turns over more than $100m. Naomi is also the shark that wears red on Shark Tank, and happens to be the most followed Australian on LinkedIn, with over 2.7 million followers.

I caught up with Naomi at her office in Sydney to chat about her approach to work, which she clearly has thought a lot about. One of the things that I loved about her philosophy is that structure and rhythm will set you free. We talk about the different structures she has built into her working week and a bunch of other really practical stuff.

Topics we cover include:

  • Naomi’s morning routine
  • Why Naomi doesn’t have meetings on Fridays
  • How Naomi finds time to write
  • Why Naomi sees everywhere as an office
  • How Naomi decides what to say no to
  • How Naomi wrote a book in 14 days
  • Naomi’s approach to social media
  • When Naomi’s best ideas come to her
  • The role Naomi’s blog plays in her life
  • Why Naomi unpublished 500 blog posts over the summer

You can find out more about Naomi at and sign up to Naomi’s Monday espresso for weekly inspiration. You can also follow Naomi on Linked in here.

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