Mia Freedman on transitioning back to the office, new work rituals developed during lockdown, and the most challenging thing about running a media company during COVID.

My guest today is Mia Freedman. Mia is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of the Mamamia Women’s Media Company in Australia. Mamamia has an audience of more than five million women each month and includes the largest women’s podcast network in the world with over 67 million listens and 28 different shows.

As many Australian listeners would know, Mia was the youngest editor of Australian Cosmo at 24 years old back in the mid 90s. And because I was one of many loyal Cosmo readers as a teenager, I feel like I grew up with Mia. I’ve also lapped all of her books and I just love how she speaks so honestly and is such a raw way about her life.

This is Mia’s second time on How I Work. (Listen to her first time here). I loved her so much the first time that I was keen to check in with her during COVID to see how she was going and how her working life has changed.

We cover:

  • Mia’s plan for transitioning back to the office
  • Why her first day back was exhausting
  • New rituals that helped Mia thrive during lockdown
  • The most challenging thing about running a media company during COVID
  • The rules and rituals Mia set for herself around news consumption
  • How Mia maintained social connections during lockdown
  • Mia’s strategy for getting a quick read on how all her staff members were coping during lockdown

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