Matthew Dicks teaches you to think and write like a master storyteller

If there’s anything I don’t miss about my school days, it’s homework – and I’ll bet you feel the same. So when my new favourite book on storytelling told me I needed to do “homework for life,” I wasn’t exactly pumped. That is, until author Matthew Dicks explained the benefits. 

Matthew’s the bestselling author of a slew of novels and non-fiction books, he’s written a rock opera, multiple musicals and even a handful of comic books. So when I read his new book in the hopes of upping my own storytelling skills, I knew his homework for life was working for someone!

Matthew breaks down the structures, tools and techniques that help him write not just at a prolific pace, but with outstanding quality, too. He explains why being able to tell stories is important for everyone, and teaches you how to get started if you haven’t put pen to paper before. 

Connect with Matthew on Twitter, Instagram or at his website. Pick up a copy of Storyworthy, or check out Matthew’s newest course to improve your writing.


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