Mastering the business of cooking with chef Gary Mehigan

When Gary Mehigan opened his first restaurant he couldn’t understand why all that effort in the kitchen wasn’t cooking up good business.

So the chef engaged a business coach who helped him work smarter instead of harder.

He learned how to be more accountable to his business, including a daily reflection strategy to keep him on track.

And those lessons in entrepreneurship held him in good stead after the very public and abrupt ending to his role on Masterchef – when he drew upon the resilience that running a business had taught him.

He also shares his hacks for quick and delicious home cooking, how fresh ingredients cut down your work in the kitchen, and why you shouldn’t be afraid of a pressure cooker.

Gary recommends Stephanie Alexander – Cooks Companion for new cooks as well as cookbooks by Maggie Beer or Neil Perry.

Gary’s favourite books on business management : Michael E Gerber, The E Myth and Awakening the Entrepreneur Within.

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