Marketing pioneer Ann Handley shares tools, tactics and attitudes that will make you a better writer

When marketing expert and author Ann Handley says everyone should improve their writing skills, she doesn’t mean we should all be turning our email exchanges into florid prose or epic tomes – while better writing absolutely makes for better emails, Ann’s real goal when working on her writing is actually to improve her thinking. 

After her college professor told her that being a better writer would make her more successful in any field, she put her head down and committed to learning her craft. Along the way, she realised that the act of writing itself isn’t necessarily what makes someone more likely to be successful; instead, it’s the constant practice in distilling one’s thoughts into understandable, useful communication with other people. When you can do that, you can really do anything!

Ann shares the tech tools that make the biggest impact on her writing and writing routines, and highlights the most common flaws she sees in new writers’ work.

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