Manifesting purpose and profit with OzHarvest founder Ronni Kahn

How do you know you’re hiring the best possible people for your organisation? How can you wake up with gratitude every single day? And how do you make sure you never have to throw out an old loaf of bread ever again?

Believe it or not, there’s one woman who can answer every one of those questions. Ronni Kahn is the founder and CEO of OzHarvest, a food rescue organisation that’s partnered with some of the most recognisable names in the world, from the Duchess of Cornwall to Woolworths and BP.

Ronni shares why she believes in manifesting rather than goal-setting, how she vets potential employees, and how she wakes up feeling grateful every single morning – even at 5:30!

She also gives tips for cutting down on food waste, ranging from suggestions for soups to how often you should be doing your grocery shopping.


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Host: Amantha Imber

Sound Engineer: Martin Imber