Make mornings magic with parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson

You need to be in the office at nine, and if you want to be performing at your best, you’ll need to get in a quick workout and a nutritious breakfast. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for trying to pull an outfit together, so you’ll also need to sort that out the night before. 

Oh, and you need to make sure your kids have eaten a healthy breakfast, put their school uniforms on, brushed their teeth, packed their bags, and not started an all-out war with one another before getting in the car for drop-off. 

Thankfully, parenting expert and bestselling author Justin Coulson has a formula to help you do all of that, while also teaching your kids life skills and taking some of the workload off your own shoulders. Sounds too good to be true? Well, the system is called Make Mornings Magic. 

Justin lays out his four rules for keeping the morning chaos at bay, and how his routine has improved his relationship with his own kids. 

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