Libby Trickett applies the athlete’s mindset to life after the Olympics

It’s hard to imagine a more disciplined and demanding lifestyle than that of a professional athlete. Whether it’s the countless hours of training, the highly regimented eating, or the mounting mental pressure of upcoming competitions, athletes leave little to chance. 

But what happens when an athlete retires? Which elements of the spartan lifestyle serve them well beyond the area, and which ones are they happy to leave behind? 

Figuring out this balance has defined much of Libby Trickett’s personal and professional life since retiring from swimming. While she often misses the sense of purpose that comes from doggedly pursuing peak performance, she’s also enjoying the freedom to dive deep into other passions. 

In this episode of the new mini-series, How I Live, Libby Trickett shares the most impactful advice she’s ever received, the advice she gives most often, and reflects on what being an athlete taught her about life at large. 

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