Leo Babauta teaches you the Zen Habits of simplicity and self-awareness

Is your life too complicated? Sure, work’s always a bit hectic and keeping family life running smoothly is as challenging as ever – but have you noticed that even the ‘good’ stuff can get a bit overwhelming sometimes?

Was picking a movie to watch after work on a Friday night always this difficult? Was your closet always so stuffed with items you can’t even remember buying?

This is part of what Leo Babauta calls the cycle of expanding and narrowing our focus. When we develop new interests or hobbies, or start a new job, we tend to expand – but if we don’t then narrow things down, by removing clutter or saying ‘no’ more often, life can become a bit too unwieldy.

Leo shares how he thinks about narrowing and expanding in his own life, and breaks down his journaling rituals and the writing techniques he’s borrowed from software developers.

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