Kevin Rose on managing social awkwardness at conferences, kicking technology addiction, and getting a great night’s sleep.

My guest today is Kevin Rose. Kevin founded the social news site DIGG, and was a General Partner at Google Ventures, where he invested in companies like Ripple, Blue Bottle, Medium, and NextDoor. Prior to that, Kevin began his investing career as an Angel investor in Twitter, Facebook, and Square.

Kevin also hosts the podcast The Kevin Rose Show where he dissects how high performers like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, and Elon Musk have achieved such great performance.

We cover:
  • Why Kevin has been trying to cut down on mobile phone use – and how he has achieved this
  • Kevin’s approach to keeping people off their mobile phone in meetings
  • His approach to making meetings more productive
  • How Kevin manages his self-confessed social awkwardness at conferences like TED
  • How he avoids small talk when meeting people for the first time
  • Kevin’s approach to being a lifelong learner
  • How Kevin consumes books
  • Using nature to boost creativity
  • When Kevin’s best ideas come to him
  • Strategies for sleeping better

You can find Kevin right here and check out his podcast The Kevin Rose Show.