Just the right amount of mirror-time with Those Two Girls, Lise Carlaw & Sarah Wills

If you were anything like me as a kid, you had your fair share of idols, and the majority of them spoke to you through the covers of magazines. If you were a little girl, most of those idols were probably fashion models. Beautiful, immaculately dressed and impossibly cool, we’ve all wished at one point or another that we could be just like those models.

Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills, otherwise known as Those Two Girls, or the hosts of the Forty podcast, lived that dream. The only thing is… it wasn’t the dream they were sold.

Selling your image means turning how you look into a commodity, and while it might be nice to pay the bills with some photos on a beach in Greece, it also makes it really, really hard not to value yourself solely on your appearance.

The pursuit for a more holistic sense of identity kicked into overdrive for Lise and Sarah as they neared the big four-zero, and it spawned a media empire catering to women who wanted more from their fifth decade than to simply wind down and step out of the limelight.

Lise and Sarah share the most transformative lessons they’ve learned through the podcast, and through writing their new book, Forty Favours the Brave.

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