Janice Lintz teaches you how to be heard by people who don’t want to listen

Nobody hears from Janice Lintz just once. Whether she’s chasing down information on her phone bill or chasing down the Queen of England, Janice doesn’t stop until she gets what she needs, and she believes others can benefit from that kind of tenacity.

It’s reflected in a lesson Janice learned from the great civil rights activist, Vernon Jordan – don’t answer the phone until someone calls you the fourth time. If it’s not worth their time, it’s certainly not worth yours. So Janice calls again. And again, and again.

As a hearing access consultant and consumer advocate, Janice’s requests aren’t merely boxes that need ticking; they’re often the only way people who are hard of hearing are able to experience what everyone else takes for granted. That’s why productivity and efficiency are so important to Janice. She simply doesn’t have time to waste.

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