Jake Knapp on why email is so addictive and how he is winning the battle against his inbox

My guest today is Jake Knapp. Jake spent the last 10 years at Google and Google Ventures where he created the Design Sprint, which is a method for building and testing a prototype in five days. He then went on and wrote a book about the process, called Sprint, which was a New York Times bestseller. He recently wrote another book called Make Time, which I mentioned on a previous episode. I personally loved Make Time, which is all about strategies to help make time for doing your most important work and really getting the most out of each day.

Check out my very first interview with Jake.

And in this chat, we cover:

  • What working from home during COVID is like when you are a solo worker
  • What it was like having all keynotes and workshops cancelled when COVID hit
  • How working from home right now is completely different to working from home pre-COVID
  • How to build self-worth when the majority of your client work has been cancelled
  • Running remote Sprints
  • The importance of planning a highlight for every day
  • Jake’s favourite new mobile app for daily reflection
  • Jake’s biggest struggle in trying to be productive
  • Why email is so addictive and how to kick the addiction
  • Balancing communicating with fans of his work and dedicating time to getting new work done
  • Jake’s new email auto-responder

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