How to bring more comedy into your next stand-up meeting, with Naomi Bagdonas

Does business really need to be so serious?

Stanford Business School humour lecturer Naomi Bagdonas believes there’s always room for humour, even when you’re trying to accomplish very serious things.

She’s found  utilising humour can  boost innovation, foster creativity, and bolster resilience through hard times.

Naomi says bringing levity into your day-to-day exchanges can diffuse tension and help your colleagues understand you on a deeper level.

She shares tips from her book Humor, Seriously, written with Jennifer Aaker, on how to incorporate humour into presentations and meetings, how to write a joke, and tips for bringing comedy into your emails.

Naomi teaches humour as part of a purpose and leadership course at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. She also coaches top executives in the art of comedy.

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