Google’s Executive Productivity Advisor, Laura Mae Martin, on how she dramatically reduced the amount of time she spends in her inbox

My guest today is Laura Mae Martin. Laura is the Executive Productivity Advisor at Google. So how did this happen?
Laura Mae Martin started at Google almost 10 years ago in the Ann Arbor office. Shortly after joining she started a 20% project and developed an internal training on how to manage your inbox effectively. Her continued passion for productivity has developed into a full-time role working 1:1 with Executives at Google and running the Productivity@Google program for all employees.
We cover:
  • How Laura scored the job of Executive Productivity Advisor at Google
  • Laura’s top tips for working from home during COVID while being a parent
  • How Laura sets her day up for success
  • Laura’s template for planning her day the night before
  • Laura’s weekly ritual for planning her work
  • How Laura reflects on her energy levels over a week and plans her week based on these insights
  • How Laura has set mental and physical boundaries while working from home during COVID
  • Laura’s approach to making meetings as efficient as possible and her default meeting length time
  • Laura’s email management strategies to dramatically reduce the amount of time she spends in her inbox
  • How Laura manages digital distractions
  • Laura’s favourite productivity apps
  • How Laura and other Googlers are improving social connectedness during COVID.
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