Google VP Jerry Dischler on balancing Maker and Manager time, identifying top talent, and using OKRs in his family life.

My guest today is Jerry Dischler. Jerry is the VP of Product Management at Google, where he leads the product team for Google’s search ads business, the product and engineering teams for YouTube advertising, and the product and engineering teams for Google’s home-grown sales and support tools.

We cover a lot of ground in this interview, including:

  • How Jerry balances Maker and Manager time
  • Where Jerry’s best ideas come from
  • Jerry’s approach to managing his inbox
  • Jerry’s morning ritual
  • What Jerry’s annual, quarterly and weekly planning process looks like
  • How Jerry uses OKRs in his family life
  • Jerry’s insights for identifying top talent in the recruitment process
  • Jerry’s go to sources for inspiration
  • How Jerry decides on which books to read
  • Jerry’s approach to getting the most out of his week at TED.

Apps and other things

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You can find Jerry on LinkedIn and Twitter.