Get professional about your personal life with Life Admin legends Mia Northrop and Dinah Rowe-Roberts

Life Admin. That phrase probably makes you nervous – I know it does for me. It makes me think about all the stuff I have to keep on top of: I need to remember to pay my car rego, to RSVP to that parent-teacher conference, and to book my next doctor’s appointment. 

But when you think about all the things you have to get done at the office in 2022, you’re probably pretty confident, right? There’s heaps to do, but you’re a professional! You have systems and processes in place to make sure you don’t forget anything important, to make sure you’re consistently progressing towards your goals for the year. 

So why don’t we take the same approach when it comes to our goals and responsibilities and home? Well, Mia Northrop and Dinah Rowe-Roberts, the authors of Life Admin Hacks, do exactly that! 

Mia and Dinah mobilise their years of experience in senior strategy, commercial, digital and customer experience to tackle life admins with the skills they’ve picked up in their professional careers. 

They teach you everything from how to decide whether something goes on a to-do list or not, to why you should be sending audio messages instead of emails and texts.  

Connect with Mia and Dinah on their website and pick up a copy of their book, Life Admin Hacks

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