From Crisis to Clarity: How Kristina Karlsson bounced back from the collapse of kikki.K

In a world where success and connection often feel inseparable from our digital devices, it’s rare to hear about someone going to extreme lengths to break free. Yet that’s exactly what Kristina Karlsson did.

Kristina, best known as the founder of the beloved kikki.K stores, shares her remarkable journey from the highs of global expansion to the lows of having her company put into administration. But instead of giving up, Kristina defied odds and picked herself back up. How did she do it? Kristina reveals the most impactful things she did to regain her footing and find success once more.

Kristina discusses the power of journaling and daily rituals, such as walking, that helped her navigate through challenging times. She shares her unique approach to planning the year, breaking it down into manageable quarters, and the exciting habit she plans to adopt next. Being part of a habit club, Kristina also reflects on her experiment in eliminating complaining for a month, an adventure that led to some surprising revelations.

Discover the empowering journey, the triumphs, and the wisdom of Kristina Karlsson in this episode, and be inspired to cultivate a life filled with intention, resilience, and growth.

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