Fitness expert Sam Wood on evening routines, the “every day” rule, and his hours of power

Exercising every single day sounds like playing the game of fitness on the hardest mode, doesn’t it? It sounds like the kind of regime only the ultra-disciplined, shredded-to-the-teeth among us can ever truly achieve. But… what if it was actually the easier option?

Sam Wood, founder of Australia’s number-one home fitness program, 28, exercises every day. But it’s not because he’s some kind of workout robot – it’s because it’s the simple approach: it’s the decision that eliminates a thousand decisions. If your routine is to move every day, there’s no room for the endless internal battles that come up when you’re free to shuffle your rest days around.

As a business owner, podcast host, husband, and father to young kids, Sam knows all to well just how hard it can be to fit exercise into a busy schedule, but he also knows a healthy body is key to a healthy mind, a healthy soul, and a healthy level of productivity!

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