co-founder Fred Schebesta on sleeping in segments, reminding himself he will die, and his go-to recruitment strategies

My guest today is Fred Schebesta. Fred is an award-winning business leader, best known for co-founding one of the world’s leading comparison websites, was born out of a simple concept: to educate people and directly compare student credit cards. Over the years, it expanded and evolved to compare a range of products across different industries. Today, compares virtually everything from cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, credit cards and insurance to savings, travel, technology and electronics. attracts over 8-10 million visitors per month and now operates in over 80 countries.

We cover:

  • The most challenging parts of working from home during COVID
  • Using narratives to communicate with his staff
  • How Fred segments his sleep
  • Fred’s approach to eliminating digital distractions
  • Why Fred doesn’t have a TV
  • How Fred consumes the news
  • Having an emotional coach
  • What self-care looks like in Fred’s life
  • Why Fred frequently reminds himself he will die
  • How Fred creates space for creativity in his calendar
  • Fred’s strategies for identifying the best talent in recruitment

You can connect with Fred on Linkedin and Instagram.