Ex-Swisse CEO Radek Sali on DNA tests, meditation coaches, and the gift of giving back

Radek Sali’s working in a cinema – his first job out of school – when he realises that encouraging his team to up-sell popcorn and make more choc-tops might be more valuable than what he’s learning at university. 

It’s then that Radek decides to treat his career like that of a professional athlete: he accepts that it will be a long, tiring journey full of sacrifice, but worth it for a life of passion and excitement. 

It’s safe to say Radek made the right call – since then, he’s been a leading figure in the Australian health and wellness market, working in various capacities with Swisse, Hydralyte and myDNA among many, many more. 

Radek shoulders a wide variety of responsibilities, and employs a wide variety of techniques to stay on top of his game. He shares how meditation, DNA tests, workplace culture assessments and altruism work together to make him happier, healthier and more productive. 

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