Eddie Perfect breaks down his songwriting process

Picture this: you’ve been invited to pop icon Bjork’s Big Day Out afterparty.

You rock up to her trailer and dance music’s pumping. You step inside and everyone’s having a grand old time, including Bjork herself, who’s posted up behind a set of turntables, grooving to the music. You figure you should congratulate her on a great set, but when you get closer, you notice… She’s got black gaff tape across her mouth?

It’s a bit weird, sure, but according to one of Australia’s most successful music exports, Eddie Perfect, it’s also genius. When Eddie heard this story from his manager, he knew Bjork was onto something.

The discipline required to properly care for and rest your voice is what separates the amateurs from the professionals in the world of performance, and Eddie’s a more seasoned professional than almost anyone else.

He shares the industry’s most effective tips for caring for the instrument inside you, including a surprisingly simple trick for recovering quickly after you’ve completely lost your voice.

Eddie also details the chaotic but incredibly efficient “29-Hour Read” process responsible for many of Broadway’s most beloved shows, as well as his own process for placing and writing songs for the stage.

Connect with Eddie on Instagram or find his performer page on the 9 to 5 The Musical website


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