Eddie Perfect – behind the scenes of writing two broadway musicals at the same time

My guest today is Eddie Perfect. Eddie is a singer-songwriter, an actor, a comedian, and currently has not one, but two shows on Broadway – King Kong and Beetlejuice. Australian listeners might know Eddie from playing Mick Holland in Offspring, and theatre-goers might be familiar with some of Eddie’s work such as Shane Warne the Musical and Vivid White.

When Eddie and I spoke, King Kong had literally just launched on Broadway and he was deep in re-writes for Beetlejuice. This interview really deep dives into what goes on behind the scenes in writing a musical, which for a musical theatre boffin such as myself, was delightful.

And here are some other things we cover during the chat:

  • How Eddie came to be working on not one, but TWO Broadway musicals at the same time
  • How he wrote Beetlejuice’s introduction song for Beetlejuice The Musical
  • His process for coming up with titles for songs
  • Where Eddie does his best writing
  • Why Eddie aims to complete with himself, and not with others
  • How Eddie deals with criticism and bad reviews
  • The role social media plays in Eddie’s life

You can find Eddie on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. And you can learn more about Beetlejuice the musical here and King Kong on Broadway here.