eBay Australia’s Managing Director Tim MacKinnon on how to actually be an authentic leader

My guest today is Tim MacKinnon. Tim is the Managing Director and Vice President for eBay Australia, a role that he has had for the last three years. At eBay, Tim’s purpose is to help Australian retailers grow and take advantage of opportunities in online, mobile, local and global commerce. Enabling businesses and entrepreneurs has been the connecting thread in his career at eBay, Intuit in Silicon Valley, and before that Advising the Minister responsible for IT industry and as a corporate lawyer.

We cover:
* How Tim approaches Deep work and his Deep work rituals
* How Tim dramatically improved how people at eBay make decisions
* How Tim’s leadership team approaches decision-making
* Some of the unusual policies eBay has around meetings and interruptions
* Unique ways Tim has built a “one team culture” at eBay
* eBay’s version of virtual hot desking
* How to be a truly authentic leader
* How to show vulnerability as a leader
* And much more.

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Connect with Tim on LinkedIn or via email at tmackinnon@ebay.com