Dr Jason Fox on trialling a 7-day rhythm for work and life

My guest today is Dr Jason Fox. I’ve known Jason for the best part of a decade. Like me, he is a scientist at heart and has a bias for strategies that are grounded in research. Jason travels the world helping leaders from companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, McDonalds, and Toyota in the area of motivation design.

Jason is also the bestselling author of The Game Changer and How to Lead a Quest, and in 2016 was awarded Keynote Speaker of the Year.

Check out the first time I had Jason on the show.

In this chat, we cover:
* Why Jason hates the concept of “discipline”
* Trialling a 7 day rhythm for work and life
* How Jason assigns different “modes” to different days of the week
* Jason’s daily rituals that set up his work day for success
* The value of keeping a daily journal
* What’s NOT working well in the world of virtual events and workshops
* How to elicit great comments and questions from virtual workshop and keynote participants and audiences
* Why virtual events shouldn’t be recorded
* Why Jason never finishes a keynote with Q&A
* How Jason is seeing companies innovate the experience of virtual keynote presentations
* Jason’s favourite questions to ask audiences
* The importance of the first five minutes of a virtual experience and how to make the most of them
* The apps that Jason is currently loving

Connect with Dr Jason Fox here.

And here are some other links to things we mentioned:

The Discipline by William van Hecke

The Museletter by Dr Fox

The Character Handbook (featuring the ‘Ritual of Becoming’) by Dr Fox

And here are the apps Jase spoke about: roamresearch.comobsidian.mdulysses.app and ia.net (iA writer).