Dr Catriona Wallace on life as the Founder and CEO of an ASX-listed company, why she taught herself to be extraverted, and her unconventional approach to parenting

My guest today is Dr Catriona Wallace, who is the Founder and CEO of high-profile FinTech and ASX Listed company Flamingo. Flamingo provides a Cognitive Virtual Assistant (Artificial Intelligence) called ‘ROSIE’ that helps Financial Services companies across the world improve online sales conversion rates and the better servicing of customers.

Based between NYC and Sydney, Dr Catriona Wallace is one of the world’s most cited experts on the Future of Customer Experience, Artificial Intelligence and Bot Strategy.

Catriona was recently named one of the AFR’s 100 Women of Influence and topped the Business and Entrepreneur category. Catriona also happens to be one of my most influential mentors and a really good friend.

We cover so much ground in this interview, including:

  • The difference between being a CEO of a private company versus a publicly listed company – and why it requires a completely different skill set
  • How Catriona became a “gun” salesperson
  • Catriona’s secret to building rapport in sales meetings
  • How she structures a typical one hour sales meeting
  • How to build credibility quickly
  • Catriona’s counterintuitive strategies for engaging prospects
  • How to pack three week’s worth of clothes in a carry-on suitcase
  • Catriona’s secret for getting over jet lag
  • Why Catriona doesn’t believe in work-life balance
  • Why Catriona doesn’t believe in work-life balance

And much more.

You can find Catriona at flamingo.ai, on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.

Get in touch at amantha@inventium.com.au