David “Kochie” Koch on Tuesday being the most overrated day of the week, what goes on behind the scenes of Sunrise, and staying off social media

David “Kochie” Koch is one of Australia’s most recognised faces, because he is on TV every morning as the co-host of Seven Network’s Sunrise, a job he has had for the last 17 years. And for most of those 17 years, Sunrise has been Australia’s number one rating breakfast show. Kochie is also the Chairman of Port Adelaide and is the director of Pinstripe Media. And a Reader’s Digest survey found that Kochie is one of the top 25 most trusted people in Australia.

I was keen to have Kochie on the show because I wanted to understand how he balances his world as a breakfast TV host with his other business commitments. In person, Kochie was exactly how you expect him to be – super friendly and chatty, and also very thoughtful.

If you have ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of breakfast TV, and how the rest of the working day fits in around this commitment, then I think you’ll enjoy my chat with Kochie.

We cover:
  • Kochie’s morning and evening routines
  • How Kochie prioritises his health
  • What goes on behind the scenes at Sunrise
  • Kochie’s go-to news sources
  • The hardest thing about doing breakfast TV
  • Kochie’s least favourite day of the week
  • Why Kochie still gets nervous before big interviews
  • Getting behind the facade that celebrities put up in interviews
  • How the Sunrise team maintain energy for the 3.75 hours they are on air every morning
  • How Kochie “decompresses” after going off-air
  • Kochie’s approach to email, Slack and social media
  • Why Kochie will stay off social media for several days after a Port Adelaide football loss
  • Kochie’s campaign for optimism

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