Dan Heath on curing himself from procrastination, solving problems before they happen, and the ideal time to seek feedback.

My guest today is Dan Heath. Dan is the co-author, along with his brother Chip, of four New York Times bestsellers:  DecisiveSwitchMade to Stick, and The Power of Moments. The Heath Brothers’ books have sold over 3 million copies worldwide and been translated into 33 languages.

Dan is a Senior Fellow at Duke University’s CASE center, which supports social entrepreneurs.

I am a HUGE fan of Dan’s work and we cover a lot of ground in this interview, including:
  • The importance of trying to solve problems before they happen – and why this is so hard to do
  • How Dan thinks about coming up with titles for his books
  • Why he saw the title of his new book, Upstream, as incredibly risky
  • The value in focusing on recurring irritants to focus upstream thinking
  • Why Dan tracks his time, and the changes this lead to in his life
  • How tunneling gets in the way of solving problems
  • How Dan overcame his procrastination tendencies
  • The importance of momentum in writing
  • The pros and cons of not working with his brother Heath for writing Upstream
  • Dan’s approach to soliciting feedback and the ideal time to seek it
  • Where Dan’s book ideas come from
  • What makes a great business book
  • How Dan develops the frameworks for his books
  • The strategies Dan has written about that have had the biggest impact on his own life.
Find out more about Dan at Heathbrothers.com and grab a copy of Upstream here.