Consumer Psychologist Adam Ferrier on how to get clear on your own personal brand

Today’s show was recorded live in Melbourne in October at Inventium’s HQ in Melbourne. And it was with Adam Ferrier, someone who I have known for over a decade and I was very excited to have on the show. Adam is a consumer psychologist and the co-founder of Thinkerbell – an agency that fuses together marketing sciences and hard-core creativity – or as they like to put it – ‘Measured Magic’. Thinkerbell also happens to be the current 2018 Adnews’ Creative Agency of the Year.

Adam is also the author of ‘The Advertising Effect: How to change behaviour, sits on the boards of Tribe, Good Thnx and PIJI.

Where you might have seen Adam is on your TV set because he is a weekly guest on Australian national TV shows Sunrise and Your Money, and regular panellist on others such as Gruen and The Project.

I found this chat with Adam an absolute delight. Adam has very contrarian but also very useful views on things. And if you have ever thought about your own personal brand (and if you haven’t, you probably should), I think you’ll find this chat incredibly helpful in refining what it is what you stand for.

Follow Adam on Twitter and Linkedin, and check out Adam’s agency Thinkerbell.