Coca-Cola Amatil’s Group Managing Director Alison Watkins on why doing great work isn’t enough to get ahead in your career

My guest today is Alison Watkins. Alison joined Coca-Cola Amatil as Group Managing Director in March 2014. Prior to joining Coca-Cola Amatil Alison was the CEO of agribusiness GrainCorp and of Berri, the market leader in Australian juice, and she was also the Managing Director of Regional Banking at ANZ.  Alison also spent 10 years at McKinsey & Company and became a partner of the firm before moving to ANZ as Group General Manager Strategy.  Alison has been a non-executive director of ANZ, Woolworths and the Just Group.

We cover:
  • How the way she works has changed dramatically since COVID
  • Her strategy for delivering bad news
  • The best and worst career advice she has been given
  • Deciding when to take on board negative feedback, and when not to
  • Alison’s approach to influencing others – and why doing good work isn’t enough to get ahead in your career
  • And much more.

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